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My name is Melkisedeck Leon Shine.

I am a Sales and Marketing Specialist, Community Development Expert, Project Manager, Researcher, Monitoring, Evaluation & Learning expert, IT Expert and Technology Enthusiast.

Phone Call/WhatsApp: +255 757 310 426 | Email: info@shine.tz


Currently, I am;

  • Sales and Marketing Manager at BareFoot International Ltd (Countywide)
  • Co-Founder, Executive Secretary and Programme Coordinator at Sustainability in Action (SiA)
  • Pursuing PhD in Business Administration: Specializing in Marketing
  • Part time Research, Project Management, Monitoring and Evaluation Consultant
  • An Activist at AckySHINE Charity which is my Private Program

Career Aspiration    

To acquire a challenging position that will meet my competence and provide me an opportunity to grow fast, learn and achieve international standards of performance.

Personal Information

  • Date of birth:             23rd April 1993
  • Place of birth:            Kilimanjaro
  • Family status:            Single
  • Sex:                             Male
  • Nationality:                Tanzanian
  • Physical conditions:  Excellent


PhD in Business Administration


Specialize in: Marketing of Agricultural Inputs.

  • Sales and Marketing Strategies.
  • Customers Buying Behavior.
  • Agricultural Input Business.
  • Ago-Input Market Dynamics

Master of Project Management and Evaluation

2017-2019, University: Sokoine University of Agriculture

Courses: Project Planning and AppraisalProject Monitoring and EvaluationStatistical Methods for Project ManagementDevelopment PlanningProject FinancingGender and DevelopmentPolitical Economy of Rural DevelopmentSocial Science Research MethodologyResearch Innovations and CommercializationDemography and DevelopmentNatural Resources and Environmental ManagementBudgeting and Accounting for Project Managers, Environmental and Social Impact AssessmentManaging Development Projectsand Impact Evaluations.

Bachelor of Rural Development

2013 – 2016, University: Sokoine University of Agriculture

Courses: Development Planning, Project Designing, Project Monitoring and Evaluation, Social Science Research Methodology, Training and Facilitation, Human resources management and administration, Gender and Development, Democracy and Governance, International Relation and Cooperation, Public policy, Psychology, Sociology, Economics, Finance, Agriculture marketing, Cooperative Management, Agriculture extension, Computer applications, Entrepreneurship, Human Nutrition and other courses relating with Community Development.


Computer Application   

Word processing, Spreadsheet (Excel), MS Office Power Point, Statistical Package for Social Science (SPSS), Web Design.


Interpersonal Skills & Techniques and Intrapersonal Skills & Techniques.

Monitoring and Evaluation

M&E system designing and coordination, M&E indicators development and use, M&E tools design and use, Feedback/Communication management

Managerial Skills

Inter and Intra organization coordination and management, Planning and allocation of resources, Resources management and coordination

Project/Program Planning and Implementation

Logical framework analysis, Project cycle application, Project programming (policy analysis), Proposal development, Activities planning and scheduling, coordination of project implementation and M&E system

Social Science Research

Problem analysis, Literature review, Research design, Data collection and analysis, Report writing and Presentation.

Sales and Marketing   

Customer service, selling, negotiating and influencing, analysis and decision-making.

Mastering Business environment, product knowledge, and financial awareness

Conflicts Management and Resolution

Communication Skills, Stress Management, Problem-solving, Emotional Intelligence, Teamwork. Control Emotions and Behavior

Community Development

Poverty and Policy Analysis, Community mobilization, Gender analysis and mainstreaming, Natural resources management, Conflict management, Training and facilitation, Entrepreneurship development, Agriculture extension


Sales and Marketing Manager

Office: All regions of Tanzania. 

Duration: — January 2023 to date.

Descriptions: Sales and Marketing Supervisor at BareFoot International Limited

Executive Secretary and Programme Coordinator

Place/Office Arusha, Tanzania 

Duration: — June 2021 to date.

Descriptions: Co-Founder, Executive Secretary and Programme Coordinator at Sustainability in Action (SiA), an NGO operating in Tanzania Mainland.

Sales and Marketing Admin

Office: Coastal Zone and Southern Highland Zone, Tanzania. 

Duration: — August 2021 to December 2022.

Descriptions: Sales and Marketing Supervisor at BareFoot International Limited

HR and Systems Admin

Place/Office and Duration: Arusha, Tanzania — August 2021 to date.

Descriptions: Human Resource Manager and Systems Administrator at BareFoot International Ltd


Township Executive Officer (TEO) Assistant

Place/Office and Duration: Rombo, Kilimanjaro — August to November 2016.

Descriptions: Volunteering — Mkuu Township Authority Executive Officer’s office

Community Development Officer (CDO) Assistant

Place/Office and Duration: Rombo District Council — July to August 2016.

Descriptions: Field Practical — Community Development Department – Rombo District Council

Ward Executive Officer Assistant

Place/Office and Duration: Rombo District — July to August 2015.

Descriptions: Field Practical — Makiidi Ward Executive Officer’s office

Research Program Management and M&E Consultant

Place/Office: Online Consultation — November 2014 to date (Part-time)

Descriptions: Online consultation on; Research, Project Management and M&E, Entrepreneurship, Web design and Development, etc.


Social Science Research

Consultation services in Research, including research concept development, designing, data collection and processing and report writing.

Project Monitoring and Evaluation

Consultation services in M&E Planning, Process Evaluation and In Impact Evaluation.

Training and Capacity Building

Consultation services in Training Planning, Session Plan and Management as well as Conduction of Training and facilitation session.

Web Design and Development

Designing and Management of Websites. Software Development, Mobile Applications Development

Project/Program Management

Project cycle management, Activities planning and scheduling, coordination of project implementation and M&E system

Business Management

Assists organizations/companies to solve issues, create value, maximize growth and improve business performance by providing objective advice and expertise.


For More Information, Questions and to Request My Consultancy Services, Do not hesitate to reach me via any of the following contact method;

  • Phone Call: +255 757 310 426
  • WhatsApp: +255 757 310 426
  • Email: info@shine.tz
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